Do you think your pup has what it takes to become the next big star? Alex, the influencer behind @leiaandlukesadventure on Instagram, has some tips to turn your dog into an influencer.

With over 35k followers and an engaged following, I’m so excited Alex is willing to share her expertise with us. Without further ado, here are Alex’s tips on how to best manage your furry friend’s social media account:

1. Collaborate and Create Relationships with Brands You Enjoy

If there are certain companies or products that you are passionate about, make sure you are vocal about it! Commenting on posts, taking pictures with said products, and tagging their social media accounts are great ways to start facilitating a relationship with brands you and your pups love.

2. Always Have a Media Kit on Hand

Whether you are trying to collaborate with a brand or another content creator, it is wise to always have examples of your work and achievements on hand. For example, pictures you’ve taken, videos, and engagement statistics are helpful in demonstrating you have what it takes to offer a brand or creator value.

3. Know Your Audience

With any following, it is important to know your audience and what type of things they relate to. Your overall goal as an influencer is to create content that your followers get value from. Use this knowledge to collaborate strategically with brands and produce content that your audience will truly enjoy!

4. Engage with Your Following

People love when you make an effort to respond to their comment or show your appreciation. Taking a moment out of your day to reply to a couple comments on an Instagram post demonstrates to fans that you truly value their support and encouragement. You wouldn’t have a platform without them, so it’s important to let them know how much you appreciate them!

5. Post Frequently

It might be a cliche, but since it works, we had to include it here! Stories highlighting your day are a great way to engage with followers and potential collaborators. Making regular efforts to connect with and update your follower base will go a long way in creating awareness and building credibility. Besides, who doesn’t love seeing cute pups in their feed while scrolling through social media?

6. Be Authentic

Work with brands you believe in and create content that you enjoy. Even as a dog account, you are influencing people and should be authentic with your endorsements. If you act disingenuously, it will likely be obvious in your content. Instead, invest your time and resources in producing content that you are truly passionate about, and have fun while doing it!

Connect with Alex @leiaandlukesadventure and Reagan, the dog photographer, @pawsitivelypurrfectpetphotos for more dog centric content!