Golden retrievers will always hold a special place in my heart, and I was thrilled when soon-to-be puppy parents reached out to celebrate the addition of their two 8-week-old golden retriever puppies to their family. Puppies grow up so quickly, so it's awesome that these new parents wanted to have some memories to look back on. Let me introduce you to the gang! First up, we have Boo Radley, the resident sweetheart of the family. His mom described him as "the sweetest boy you'll ever meet who gets along with everyone," and he did not disappoint. I have some amazing portraits of him that I just can't wait to share with you! Check out some of my favorites of him below!

Next, we have the official baby girl of the family, Harper Lee. She's curious, smart, and always up for a treat. Plus, she's got a secret talent: she can nap anywhere! During our photoshoot, she snuggled with her mom and started to doze off, and it resulted in one of my favorite shots! It's truly heartwarming to see the bond that Harper has formed with her new family in such a short amount of time. Her trust and love for them is truly remarkable, and I feel so honored to have had the opportunity to preserve this special moment for them.

Atticus Finch may be last but he certainly isn't least. This big pup has an even bigger personality that shines through in his portraits. Despite his hefty hound status, Atticus still fit snugly into his parents' arms. He was thrilled to be pampered with pets and treats, eagerly soaking up all the love and attention during his photoshoot. Capturing Atticus' playful and affectionate nature was a blast and seeing the love between him and his family was truly heartwarming.

Puppies grow up so fast, and their playful, adventurous moments can be gone before you know it. That's why capturing the memories of your furry friend during this special time is so important! And why settle for just digital images? You can bring your pup's portraits to life with beautiful, tangible wall art that will always remind you of their silly and sweet moments. Imagine a custom album filled with your furry friend's playful antics, or a stunning acrylic print showcasing your beautiful family. Don't wait, reach out now to book your dream session and preserve these fleeting memories forever! Make your pup's portraits a permanent part of your home decor and show off just how much love you have for your furry friend. Reach out and let's celebrate the joy and fun of puppyhood in a way that lasts forever!