About Me

Here are some fast fun facts about me!

  • I love plain pasta and the color aqua!
  • My two favorite things about running cross country are working hard to achieve my goals and running with an amazing group of girls!
  • I competitively showed Arabian horses, and even had the incredible opportunity to compete at Youth Nationals!
  • I love working with people to create memories and capture portraits that they will treasure for years to come!

My photography journey...

began with an amazing golden retriever named Sophie. Wherever my family went, she went too, always bringing smiles to the faces of everyone she met. She was my cross country team's favorite (and furriest!) mascot, the vet's honorary office greeter anytime she had an appointment, and my best friend. Although all good things must come to end, Sophie was taken from us much too soon at the hand of something all dog-parents fear: cancer. After her diagnosis, we had just three short weeks with Sophie until she passed away.

Only after losing her did I realize something I wished I had, besides of course the miracle that could have brought me more time with her. I realized just how precious every photo of her was to me. Yes they were blurry and grainy. Yes, some of the photos were of golden blobs. And yes, the photos but they were all I had left of her.

After a couple months of grieving, my family wasn't quite ready to adopt another dog, but we wanted to help our local shelter by fostering. After helping a couple of dogs find their forever homes, we welcomed three foster puppies into our home, and as our local shelter affectionally calls it, "foster failed" when we officially welcomed Maddie into our home. I knew my time with Maddie wouldn't be infinite, but I became determined to make as many memories as I could with her, all the while documenting our adventures through photography.

For as long as I can remember, I have loved spending time and making memories with my pets!

I love all things turquoise, My love of animals has been with me throughout my life! My dog, Maddie, is not only my best friend, but also my model and

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