Meet Jolene, the exuberant 4-year-old Australian Shepherd, and her loving mom and dad. This session was all about cherishing their bond and capturing their joy in the breathtaking mountains of Evergreen, Colorado.

Jolene, the Australian Shepherd, is more than just a pet; she's a cherished member of the family. Well-trained and always up for an adventure, she adores her mom and dad. The bond they share is a testament to the love and respect that flow between them. This photoshoot was an opportunity to freeze these precious moments in time.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Evergreen mountains, Jolene's excitement was evident from the moment we arrived. Her Aussie wiggle, an adorable expression of her joy, and her playful hops in the snow added a touch of whimsical delight to the day.

We began with action portraits, capturing Jolene's vibrant energy as she sprinted through the snow. This not only showcased her enthusiasm but also helped her calm down and get some energy out after her long car ride. Once she had gotten her wiggles out, we transitioned into capturing the beautiful family portraits, where the genuine affection between Jolene and her parents shone through every shot.

I absolutely love hearing about my clients' experiences. It warms my heart to see the joy and satisfaction they get from their sessions with their sweet pups. Jolene's mom said:

"It has been a little while since my photo session with Reagan but, this day is so happy to look back on! Reagan photographed my dog, my boyfriend, and I in the Northern Colorado area, and she did a great job with every aspect of the session. I loved that she picked out the spot, and it was a gorgeous location! Another aspect that I really appreciated was that before the photo shoot, she had sent me an email of what to expect and what to bring; this really made me feel at ease as I’m someone who always wants to feel prepared, and all of this helped the preparation be really smooth and stress-free. She even gave me some input on outfits! The actual photoshoot was really fun! It felt like we were all just hanging out, enjoying the views and loving on my dog. Jolene was pretty happy that Reagan incorporated a lot of action shots. Overall, we had a great experience with Reagan, I appreciated how well she communicated and how she made the whole experience so fun and stress-free as photoshoots should be. These are photos that I really love, and I know I’m going to cherish for years and years. It was also great to give to my family members. Everybody was very impressed with how the pictures turned out. Thanks so much, Reagan!"

I'm so thankful to Jolene's mom for choosing Pawsitively Purrfect to capture these special moments. It was truly a pleasure to witness and document the love, laughter, and adventure that their family shares.

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